If you fall off your bicycle, you gotta get right back on it.

When we remember Czechoslovakia, we tend to forget about the bicycles. After World War II, the popularity of cycling was on a fast ride to the top. Bicycles and the making of them became a part of the tradition in this landscape. There wasn't enough money to important bicycle parts from foreign countries. But this didn't stop anyone. It just meant we had to make our completely own bicycles - from the frame to the brakes. And it was the right move. Soon you could find the streets filled with a variety of brands that were all made here. They met the highest standards of bicycles and propelled our racing teams to wins. Our bicycle tradition was respected all over the world and Czechoslovakia became known for its production. Meanwhile, our grandparents and later our parents were just happy to have their own ride. A bicycle became the first taste of liberty. It was the only way to ride down to the local pub and meet your friends for a beer. Without your parents taking you, that is. But then, something happened. In the 90s, people stopped using their bikes as much, there were less of them to be seen, cruising around the streets. Maybe it was the widespread reach of cars. Or maybe we lost our love for riding down the street on a bike with the wind in our hair and the city in front of us. Our tradition was lost while our cities were growing. The city centers are filled with cars and we need to find a way to make transportation easier. It's time for the bicycles to come back into our lives and reclaim the city and its roads.

Something is about to happen again. We are building a new bike tradition of Czechoslovak origin. The times have changed and led us a to a new way to make bicycles. Suveren is the idea of Zdenek Svoboda and Tomas Rapi, after having traveled the world and its cities (by bike of course), they chose to reinvent the two wheels with the utmost integrity and a host of experts to ride Czechoslovak bicycles into a new era. Connecting us to this tradition means we had a great base to work with. The results are simple, yet powerful bicycles, that look just as fine as they did back in the day but keep up the pace with the way we ride today. Engineered by hand in Czechoslovakia, this range of bicycles is high-end in all the right places: Everywhere, with everything the urban cyclist needs. It's a beautiful feeling to hop on and feel the liberty that comes with riding your bicycle. This is what we created them for. A better, bolder ride, for those that want to cruise their city in style. The independent ones, driving down the way that they chose for themselves. We call that Suveren.